Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hello & How did you find me {freebie}?!

1. Yes, this is my 1st blog;
2. Yes, this is my 1st post on my 1st blog;
3. Yes, this is my first digital scrapbook creation, which also constitutes my 1st

I only started digital scrapbooking the first of February, having taught myself Photoshop CS2 in January. After learning to scrap by completing multiple challenges at SBP and scrounging for freebies wherever I could all over the net, I started to toy with some creations of my own.

I'm using map elements and this was my 1st try.
It is a Map Scale in
psd format, and can be downloaded by CLICKING ON IMAGE. No commercial use without prior express permission. Personal use with appropriate credit please.

Critique and kudos are welcome so I have some idea of your interest in items such as these.

Welcome to my world!



Diginan,Liz said...

Hello Diane and good luck with your blog, I can't help in any way with the banner, no idea about blogs except like to visit them. LOL. Your first freebie is very well done, thank you for sharing. I'm sure you will have lots of wonderful more creations in the future, for a beginner you are doing exceptionally well.

Diginan,Liz said...

Forgot to say I found your blog on the SBP site.

paintingsiggi said...

I found you thanks to Ikea Goddess - so glad I did! :) You are so talented...keep up the great work! :)

Nancy P said...

I found you from Ikea Goddess too - she lets us know what is out and aboaut for neat stuff. I like your creations - good luck with it. Thank you for these nice gifts.

SherryD said...

Out of the ordinary and so interesting. Adding details like this really makes an overall design stand out. Thank you