Thursday, April 5, 2007

Adding Netherlands to Auto Stickers !

Adding Netherlands [NORWAY] to Auto Stickers !

Due to Overwhelming Popular Demand (2 requests) I will be posting an additional sticker for the Netherlands, lest not we forget our gentle neighbor that is home of all things tolerant. Look for it shortly.....!


Ineke62 said...

That is GREAT if you would like to add the Netherlands!!! Thanks!!
But....the dutch car-stickers are NL...not just the N.
It's very sweet of you! :-)

Ineke62 said...

It's me again :-)))
The N is for Norway, so don't delete it! It's just an extra country that you added!
Happy Easter to you and your family!

G.Butcher said...

Hi there!
Really liked your designs!
I'm new at this (digiscrapping), but I'm familiar with PS cause I'm a photographer.

So I also have a blog, but it's not yet the way I like... I saw your sign for HELP about a header... did you get it? Do u know how I can change the header and put a 'banner' or picture instead?
Well I would like to ask if u can add another country to your Auto Stickers - BRA'S'IL (it's BraZil for everybody else, but US - brazilians. We prefer BRASIL with an 'S') Anyway... the letters are BR.
Sorry the msg. got so long.
Thanks and 'see' u soon,

Gabi Butcher