Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bad girl. Bad girl!

I was a bad girl and got to do no scrapping this weekend except for a few digi egg hunts, some weekend downloads, and trying to unzip & organize a gazillion digi scrap freebies stored on my hard drive!

What all this translates into is the simple fact that I didn't put my finishing touches on my Telegram Kit as of yet.

I did however, get to see "Avenue Montaigne" (which was renamed from the original "Fauteuils d'orchestre"---why I don't know. Americans could've handled a French title!)

It was a total mish mash of a story, but I thought quite enjoyable. Though my mom and I aggressivey debated what the gist of the movie was; she siding with the theatre district connection between the people, I finding the central character of the waitress being the connection influencing all of their lives in some way. It's still always nice to see a French movie. We don't get many here in Baltimore and I always miss hearing the French (having grown up partially in Brussels and being bilingual in French and English, with a smattering of Flemish).

We then spent today at the Pissarro Exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The website has some of the incredible works included in this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

It didn't include some of his greater works from some Paris museums, but many very special and influential pieces from private collections and museums around the world. Definitely well worth seeing. All of the Maryland museums are free admission for this year only thanks to grants and such, but the special exhibitions still cost high admission fees.

Of course tonight was the premier of this final season of The Sopranos and the new season of Entourage as well. Both good episodes. Sopranos was introspective and much improved over last mini-season, which was quite pitiful and embarrasing---almost like filler material until this final season.

See why I didn;t work this weekend? Oh My! I promise to be better next week!

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