Saturday, April 21, 2007

An extra "Go-With" {freebie}

I bet you'd been wondering how to anchor these little buggers to your layouts...well, fret no more as the answer is clear!!

Here is a special Go-With {freebie} that I will give out as participation extra credit. It is a Go-With because it goes with my Graph Tag {freebie} found in a post below...

You will only be able to get this Go-With {freebie} by sending me your layouts using one of my Graph Tags {freebie} (in post below)!

You can post links to your LO's either in the comments section of this post, or via email. My email can be found in my profile at RIGHT (that way---->)

I look forward to seeing your incredible creations!


Lilaclady said...

thanks for the tag and paper...will get onto tdoing the LO tomorrow! :-) have a great week end!

Di said...

Looking forward to using your freebie tags - and thanks in advance for the new freebie! It's appreciated!

hitomispouken said...

page using your tags

Please email me at

timounette said...

Thanks again for these tags. I love them, and I used one.
You can see my LO on my blog :

Dee said...

Okay...I did it..I made a layout using your cute Graph tags..I used the rounded can see it here.

It was fun and I loved using your graph tag..I look forward to the chain to go with it. Hugs, Dee 8^)

Lilaclady said...

Hi Diane,
I just uploaded my LO using your wonderful graph tag at DST

Thanks again!

anke-art said...

Huge THANKS for the freebie! Here's the page on which you can see my layout:
Anke, Mom and Dad

I'd be grateful for the cute ball chain, my address is