Saturday, July 7, 2007

SIGNS you are a SCRAP ADDICT {4sale}{freebie}


After recently purchasing a 500G external HD, I'm finally taking the time to unzip all the files I've downloaded over these last 4-5 months. OK, I wasn't prepared to find close to 2,000 freebie, prize & purchased files to open!!!! They sure add up don't they?! No wonder my laptop was sluggish and burping bytes.

Sometimes I open up long-ago downloaded zip file and go "what in the world was I thinking, these are really ugly and I will NEVER use these" !?
Then I find like 1/10 of them are corrupted. ARGH! Well, I did some detective work and found most of the blogs and sites of those errant files. Some still have the freebies valid (kudos to those of you who don't expire freebies!). Others expired, blogs disappeared, and "downloads-a-day" were of course no longer available. I took the bold step of contacting quite a few of you designers out there and politely asked if I could pretty please have the file again, or get the long-misplaced passwords. I gotta say, you gals are for the most part very nice & magnaminous---almost all provided me with new download files or allowances in the stores. Renews one's faith in scrapkind & womankind! THANK YOU!
Somtimes I download an entire 25 piece kit just because I like one tiny element.
But I still continue to open the 18 browser tabs every day to check on that day's new Scrap Riches offered. If it's nearing 11pm and I'm still out,
I start gettng the sweats, worried that I may not make it back in time to get all the freebies on the Daily Download sites. Sometimes I come home exhausted but stay up bleary-eyed so I can download zip after rar after zip.
I try to weed out pieces of kits I don't like or will never use. It's just so hard though to bring myself to delete them, as I suddenly wonder if I may one day get a dog, or date a man who fishes...
The worst is when you have a planned trip out of town. Thanks to my new cellphone (T Mobile Dash) I have free internet and just plug my
cellphone into my laptop USB and ---voila!--- free modem access on my cell's broadband connection. Thank god! Can you imagine the withdrawal I would go through otherwise? Just the thought of the shakes, sweating, headaches and vomitting is enough to make me otherwise cancel my trips! In fact, I have been depressed for over a month thinking I missed downloading the incredible free In Vogue Kit given out at Scrap Artist while I was out of town that weekend. I've been angry (but not as angry as over the theft of my design---see below). I've been sulking around. I've been kicking myself. Then whilst (love that word) unzipping a batch of files yesterday (I've been unzipping daily for over a week now) I discover the In Vogue downloads just loitering around the middle of the dialog window in my zip directory. The nerve of them!--- letting me be all upset over them like that for so long! My heart actually skipped a few beats.

I was beaming to no one but myself (well, and my cat Meero). Well I've waxed poetic enough over this Addiction of mine. I shouldn't waste any more time here as I still have to finish downloading today's bounty and checking the numerous freebie listing sites in the US, France, Germany, and assorted other countries. I just want to say Thanks to all of you who are my dealers, pimping your goods, or else I would not be able to get my daily fix sufficient to feed my scrap addiction.
Oh, by the way, there's a {freebie} from my new Telegram Kit below the previews:


FOR JUST $5 !!


If you download this {freebie}, please take
a moment and just say "THANKS" on 4shared !!

Credits HERE

(Note that the transparency effect doesn't properly display in the preview)



Kelley DeBoer said...

I downloaded for a neigh who is a lawyer. I have just started her in scrapbooking.

Daniela said...

This is one of the funniest posts I've read this week. I suspect I'll have the same reaction when I buy my EHD (what was I thinking?!?)
The addiction to daily downloads and other freebies is the same here and I feel the same symptoms... Maybe we should contact one of the big pharma companies and see if they can develop the cure for this!

Maria said...

Thank you for the lovely freebie! Your post has been added to the list of freebies at

ReednOwensmommy said...

ROFLMAO! Thank you. It's so nice to know I'm not the only one. And good luck, I find that hard drives are like purses, you tend to fill them no matter how big they are, lol.

Thanks for the freebie! I'm glad to see you're not giving up on us altogether. =]

Linda said...

It's good to know others share my addiction! If you still have lots of files to unzip, I found a great fast way to do it. If you have winrar (free edition is fine), just highlight the kits in the folder, right click and choose extract files here. They all extract quickly to that folder. When the box pops up asking if you want to replace a file, click no to all and it finishes without any further action from you. Maybe you already do it this way, but thought I'd share this in case you don't. I stumbled on it quite by accident. One other thing, be sure you only have zip files highlighted or this won't work.

Greedz said...

I bought a 500 GB last weekend...Just like you I had a "million" files like that. Ifound most of the shoppe owners are awesome espeically when you say "hey I messed up, can ya help me out?" It's true too. I download all these awesome things and don't get to unzipping them rightaway... there really needs to be more time in the day to work on digi scrapping :))

Melberry said...

I feel your pain and agree. Employers really should give us major blocks of time during the day in which we could catch up on our downloading. It cuts into my personal "at home" time to do it at home. So stressful. Sigh. PS More freebies on my blog. :)

honeybee said...

18 browser tabs? I'm almost there at 17. hee hee

It is amazing how many goodies there are to download every single day! I am trying to wean myself a bit, being a bit pickier about what I download. It is hard, though.

I know what you mean about some of the ugly things you have found on your hard drive! I have had my share of, "Yuck, what was I thinking?" moments.

Good luck getting your stuff unzipped. And if you know of a good way to organize your bounty... I am trying to organize files by type of item, but it is one massive undertaking!!


mum005 said...

Its nice to know I'm not the only digiscrap addict. Silly me, I only bought a 200mb external and its nearly full!!! Back to the DVD burner! Tip - i've started copying the 'previews' into a seperate file and its much quicker to find the kit im looking for. Thanks for the fab freebie!!!

Marta said...

I had to laugh as I read your blog as I find myself in that same position. I've downloaded a bunch of stuff, and now I've got to unzip it all, plus burn those zips to a dvd (just in case dontcha know). I stress out if I don't at least download thoses dailies! And that one little item that I have to have - so what if the kit is over 200mbs in size, I really gotta have that whatchamacallit!!! LOL!!

Thank you so much for your freebie, I really appreciate your sharing it!

hzgrace said...

hey I am on my third EHD... although my other 2 don't have 300 gigs. I dream of one with a terabyte. :oD
thank you for sharing your addiction mmm TALENT
Blessings on your day

Theresa said...

thanks so much for the freebie. love scrapbooking and you make it easy to keep the addiction up!!!

scrapsara said...

i swear you must have read my mind LOL -- totally get what you are talking about with being all stressed if not able to get to downloads by midnight. LOL i got a 500GB HD for my birthday -- they are great! i am doing my best to unzip everything immediately so that i can find all of those naughty files before their download places are gone LOL!! i had some of your freebies from before, but i hadn't been able to find ya again, so i'm all happy to see what goodies you have been posting and see what else is going on :) thanks!!!!

Ila said...

Hi Lawgal Diane! My first visit here is today, and I've found you quite entertaining, and even offering PREZZIES (WoW!) to your visitors! Thank you for every single thing.

However, to my dismay you've been absent nearly a month now, so DO come back. Everyone needs your entertaining thoughts on this-n-that! Ok, on to this post. It is SO me, and I see it is so everyone else too. Didn't know we were so 'regular'. lol.

In closing I'm offering a solution I've used for years to the annoying problem of multiple zip files. Your rar files will still have to be dealt with in the old fashioned way (whatever that is), but for zip files, this little baby is a true gem.

Sorry if it isn't clickable, just C&P as necessary. Best wishes!

Have fun, and come back soon, your loyal fans need something to do with ourselves:)

Ila said...

Hmmm, that URL did NOT work at all. Not sure what to do now, but will attempt it again.

Bye for now!