Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Making an element from scratch

Well I finally created my first element totally from scratch. Necessity is the mother of invention! I was making a chat challenge LO over at and needed a JUKEBOX LABEL as the finishing touch. So......voila!

$1.50$0.99 ON SALE!

I used these JUKEBOX LABELS in the LO below, which was a work of love and tribute to my stepmom, Peggy, the lead singer of The Angels [it's a double page].

My entire Map Set is now available for sale as a set, or individually.

It took a while to figure out the whole paypal shopping cart thing, so I'm glad to finally be able to post these for sale. For your kind patience, I will post another {freebie} from the Map Frames!! Check back later this week....


way2coolgrany said...

I just purchased your wonderful map frames & papers but after paypal complition of payment I was never informed or taken to a pg for me to dwnload or be informed about your dwnload process.. sorry for being a pest & thank you for your time you can contact me at

Angela said...

These are so cute! :)

Sandra Twining said...

Hi! I just bought the combined set of your FANTASTIC map kit, but didn't see where to give you my email address. So here it is:
Keep designing! Your work is wonderful!

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

Very cool LO!

BTW, my mom's first cousin (so my first cousin once removed -- yes, I paid attention in Trusts & Estates, I'm a lawyer, too) was one of the writers of the lyrics of "My Boyfriend's Back". So does that mean we're related? :)

rachel said...

I just absolutely love these map bits! Makes a girl sad to be broke! LOL I've been hunting all over for the map frame freebie...did I miss it? I'm dying to take a closer look at these, and try to figure out how you got that amazing color. Would you everconsider doing a tutorial on the coloring processyou used on those? I just love it, and I've got a truckload of shapes/brushes that would look incredlible colored this way, but I can't figure out how t get this effect. Make you a I you tell me how on earth you got that color like that, I'll send you all the fab stuff I make using the technique! I'm newly disabled, so I've go truckloads of time to experiment!

Fab blog! Oh, andI'm at