Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Muka used my wings! {freebie to come}

I'ts amazing to see someone use something you created. Muka [mukascraps.blogspot.com] has been kind enough to hold a running dialog with me about my creations, which has been very helpful & supportive. I think everyone needs someone to talk to about what they work on. Anyway, Muka created this really great altered LO using my FREE Crinkle Wings (below). Check out her blog (she has freebies too) and be sure to give her lots of love!

Here is a LO I created memorializing my recent trip to visit my best friend in Houston. We had a blast and enjoyed visiting such fun places as the Beer Can House and the Cockrell Butterfly Pavillion.

And this is a photo taken of the fab Art Car Museum building. I've used my new Map Kit to enhance the photo, with the exception of the DoodleStar by RMelato. The frame around the photo will be a {freebie} for you and the preview is below. I will post the {freebie} sometime tomorrow.


Muka said...

oh Diane thank you so much!! I looked at your post and was like... hey... that's my lo!!! lol seriously I feel like I've been published, thanks for posting my layout - i feel so honored!! thanks also for the compliments... tee hee you are the best!! ((hugs!!))

Muka said...

ps - I am so excited I just had to post about this on my blog, lol (isn't that what blogs are for?? lol) and of course I made sure to link to you! thanks for making my day!

Jan said...

thanks! :-)
I'm a lawyer in my "other life", too, though presently on temporary hiatus from practice. I figure after 20 years, I can take a break and figure out what I want to be when I grow up, right? lol!!

Zaida said...

Good words.