Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday {Freebie} & Target store RANT!

I need to vent my frustartion at corporate America, so here is my {Monthly Rant}

Rant Subject: Target Store
Complaint: I was searching for a funky-girly-functional and lightweight laptop briefcase bag. To view all the items you have to go to FOUR (4) separate departments in the Target store!!! Pocketbooks, Luggage, Computers, and Health & Beauty (huh?!). Some were even mistakenly in the Diaper Bag section. I had to drag through every corner of the store!
Resolution: None. I called Target 's 800# to complain about their lack of organization in product placement in the store & also its lack of customer user-friendliness. She answered that (1) I should consider shopping online; and (2) it is their goal is to make you go through as many departments as possible. Say What?!
Lesson: Screw Target.


Just a little {freebie} something which is a bit different from the norm. The images were really cool and drew my attention even though it is of the Thai alphabet and likely undecipherable to most.


I appreciate that all of you enjoy my creations and download it vigorously, however just a simple "thank you" would be a nice gesture in exchange for my RAKs. If I don't get a good proportion of comments to downloads, I will seriously consider discontinuing my {freebies}. It takes only a few seconds to leave a comment on 4shared after your download!


Anonymous said...

Love these and they'll be great for some photos my brother took in Thailand -- thank you!

rachel said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ALPHA!!! Seriously, its one of my top 3 fave alphas of all time...

I'd absolutely LOVE to be on your creative team, but I don't have a blog yet and have been spending most of my time creating a kit, not really doing los...mostly because I'm not on a creative team! LOL Conundrum, huh? LOL

If you'd like to see something specific in a lo, I'd love to do some to apply, but don't want to apply with a very limited portfolio and have you not see the "type" of LO you're looking for. That make sense? LOL

Pluses in my favor that would possibly be reason for you to consider me, even though I'm light in traditional body of work for application...

I've got TONS of time! I'm newly disabled, and I literally am spending 14 hours a day or more devoted to some type of digiscrap activity. If I were on your team, a huge chunk of time would be devoted to you!

I'm very creative, and though i'm relatively new to digiscrap, I've been a paper ephemera nut for ages...big fan of altered art/vintage ephemera/50s retro, and have used all of them in years of collage/decoupage/crafting of all sorts.

I'm DETERMINED to develop a career as a designer, but don't feel that I'm ready yet...this means that I'm committed to your team as long as you need me.

I'm a smart cookie, and have much experience writing (can do description blurbs for your products if you don't have time), customer service and care, and was in high end sales for ages, so I'm the go to girl if you need anything to do with sales or marketing.

Hmmm...there's a ton of reasons I'd be fantastic at this, not the least of which is that I'm totally obsessed with the world of digiscrap/altered art, so you'd have a very excited passionate person on your team!

I do realize (clearly! LOL) that I'm not the standard cantidate, so if you choose not to consider me in light of my shortcomings, I'd certainly understand. But I'm telling you, I'd be absolutely terrific at this! LOL

So, if anything I've said has you the least bit intrigued, please email me and we can talk further via email or phone. I've never applied for a creative team before, but I'm willing to create anything you like specifically for your application've just gotta tell me which direction you'd like me to take this, since I have a limited timeframe in which to apply.

Well...I'll just sit back and cross my fingers and hope to hear from you! LOL I really do have the ability to be more than a creative team member...more like a digital assistant who'll handle all the lil tidbits you'd rather not deal with, or simply don't have time for!

I'm at

Oh, and I have a solution to the rude chicas who don't leave comments after you generously gift them with your fab-o creations...I can tell you that if you contact me, also!

Hope you find exactly what you're looking for, even if its not me!

rachel kendall
orachel digiscrap name

Have a terrific week!

Cathy said...

This is so unusual, I am going to print it and cut out pieces for ATC's. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

very cool alpha to find unique things...this is tops! thanks so very much for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

Love this alpha!!!! Hope you leave it up for a bit since 4shared isn't playing nice tonite so I can't download. Anticipating getting this when 4shared cooperates so Thank you in advance!

Ruby said...

Thank you so much. I grabbed a couple of your recent freebies too. Count this as 3-thank you, thank you, thank you.

KC said...

Thanks so much! Love the cool paper.

Xntrik said...

These are beautiful....thank you

Ephémère said...

Thank you for this original alpha. Thanks so much for sharing.