Thursday, May 3, 2007

@@ >> Partial Preview of New Kit !!

For those who still are not aware, there is a great new place to look for FREEBIES---it's DIGI DEBZ !! There is not only a daily FREEBIE listing, with image previews, but also a FORUM where all of us DESIGNERS post our FREEBIES!! Make sure you bookmark it and check it out daily!!

I am finally able to preview a bit of my new TELEGRAM KIT which will soon be available {for sale}. I will also soon reveal a little {freebie} from this kit, so check back often!

There are many different Telegram styles and little {Go-With Goodies} that are part of this KIT. I will preview more every day or so until it is available {for sale} !!


Muka said...

oh, boy, diane - this is looking terrific!! i am so excited :)

tajicat said...

These look great! :)