Wednesday, May 2, 2007

SHINING through !

I've been so swamped at work that I've shirked my BLOG Duties. I must post more SHINES though if nothing else! I also SWEAR that sometime soon I will finally get some new designs posted and likely a little {freebie} too!

Is it just me, or are others obsessed with not missing a scrap freebie download? Especially the Daily Downloads here and there. It seems that more and more freebies abound and I spend hours visiting the pages and downloading. I'm doing that sometimes more than I am designing or
creating LO's. What a waste! But when you miss that *one* freebie that was only available for ONE DAY that you REALLY wanted, you swear you will not let it happen AGAIN! I think I am headed for a 12-step program.


Muka said...

lol, diane, and ditto!! it's totally true... I am freebie-crazy too, but then again I think most of us are! how to balance it all?? lol :) thanks for showing off my lo too, I get such a kick out of it seeing it on someone else's site! lol :)

BeagleSnoopy said...

hi diane!
i hope it's not too late - here is my graph-tag-layout! i had so much fun using them, they are amazing!

(if you want me to sent you the layout via email, please let me know)

thank's for this great freebie
--- love, Katharina (BeagleSnoopy)

Marta said...

I'll join you in that 12-step program! LOL. I have spent hours every day reading blogs and downloading freebies, so you're not the only one. Have a great day!