Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We interrupt this day for a .....Rant

I am taking this moment to voice my opinion on yet another subject that irks me. In other words, a RANT.

Blogs have become the new car bumper for the
plethora of bumper sticker widgets.


Follow along here:

Blogs <==> Car Bumpers
Widgets <==> Bumper Stickers

What does this mean?

One or two bumper stickers are ok, as long as they are not too obnoxious and tastefully placed.

Get my drift?

I am tired of opening a blog and being assaulted by music and video. Especially when I am surfing in a place that requires discreetness. THIS MEANS YOU!

STOP! imposing and autoloading your music & video
on us just because we visit your blog!!
(...especially Celine Dion)

It's bad enough that we all use SLIDE (myself included) ---as it takes forever to load the flash animation, but then don't go adding 10 other flash animations and every gizmo out there. There are some blogs I now refuse to visit because they literally crash my browser.

And while discussing crashing the browser...

Why in the world do people choose to post freebies on file hosting sites that practically mug us and run off with our RAM and patience?


Have you never tried to download a file from some of these sites yourselves?!

Even 4shared which has long been the preferred host for most has a caveat--they began to load some pretty obnoxious audio-visual advertising with every download page--the Bumper Sticker Syndrome strikes again.

The answer for me was to install the free Firefox add-on Adblock Plus.

no more ads loading on any site, and with the added bonus that the download links become almost instantly available!!

So the lesson today is

and can I get an AMEN please on that one.


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