Sunday, October 14, 2012

:: Designing Again ::

I started digi scrapping again while I was home for an extended period of time sick. I jumped onto the wonderfully inspiring 40 Days of Scrapping Purpose challenge by Royanna Fritschmann of Divine Digital and it got my artistic dander up as ideas flew around in my brain and my need to create burst forth!

So for now I am just posting here the creations as I make them. I haven't decided yet whether to open shop again and charge for them or give them away as {FREEBIES}, or a combo of the aforementioned. 

Here are the results of Day One of designing
Micro Photo-Slide Series

{Spot of Love}

Here is a preview of the 2nd Micro Photo Slide in the Series, without a name:

I put this on a dark background [DHD/Karen Funk-For The Boys] so you can fully see the clear glass effect I created for the slide, besides the Gold Amalgam "Specimen" photo bubble creation, with Lens Flare.

Look for more in the coming week!

On a separate note, YICH! it has been about 4+ years since I was here and I absolutely HATE the color scheme, design and layout of this {BLOG}! 
Gotta do something with this...

I would love any comments & feedback.
Lawgal :: Diane

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