Monday, October 15, 2012

Past {freebies}

I am looking into reposting all my old {freebies} somewhere; and re-establishing my store. Any suggestions? I know technology has bolted forward. Possibly Box for the {freebies} and what for the pay delivery service...Hmmm?

It will take me a while to find all my old freebie archives on my backup drives but look for them next week!
Scrap soon!

Lawgal :: Diane

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grambie said...

Hi there, just another Baltimorian stopping by to say hello. I had noticed previous comments by you, so when I received your question in my e-mail to Royanna regarding the upcoming storm, I was truly interested. I decided to visit you on your blog. I am a disabled OWL, Older and Wiser Learner. I started using that title when I attended Villa Julie in my 60s. It is so nice to see that you're getting back into your digitalscrapping. Your layouts at Divine Digital reflect your prior expertise. To meet a fellow Baltimorian is a great experience. Love your Lawgal user name. ;)